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Self-storage Partners

As a removals company we mainly operate in Preston, Blackburn and the Ribble Valley. There are lots of storage facilities dotted around including our own! However, choosing the right one can be difficult. Each facility offers its own set of prices, unit sizes, rules and regulations. 

We’re in and out of all the local facilities all the time and know each one like the back of our hand. We can recommend different facilities to suit your needs. We can also recommend unit sizes so you aren’t overpaying for storage space. We can even convert measurement types so you can easier understand different facilities measurements. Some use cubic metres and others square feet. Either way, we’ll make it easy for you.

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Tortoise Storage - Leyland

For anybody looking for storage in Leyland, we always recommend Tortoise Storage. Their facility is clean and secure. The staff are easy to deal with and professional. Check out Tortoise Storage’s website to find out more.

storage removals business commercial move home moving

Other Recommendations

We know all the storage facilities in the local area inside out! Get in touch for our recommendations to pick the right storage facility for you!