Weekly Highlights: House Moves With Flexi Removals

Local House Move in the Home of Flexi Removals, Leyland

Monday saw the team complete a local move in Leyland with some particularly tricky furniture! Luckily the tools are always on hand to dismantle and rebuild furniture when necessary. It is always great to hear ‘It’s like we have new furniture since Christian rebuilt it!’

The Biggest House Move of the Week

The largest house move of the week fell on Tuesday, which was a nice change since Fridays are usually the busiest day in the moving industry. For this significant relocation from Preston to Leyland, we dispatched a team of four men along with two Luton vans.

Our team carefully packed both vans to ensure a snug fit. Having assessed the move last month, we were confident everything would fit perfectly. Despite the scale of this house move, our team completed the job efficiently and ahead of schedule. The customer received the keys to their new home at 11 am, which is quite early compared to the usual handover time around 2 pm and as late as 5 pm!

Mid Week House Move for Chorley Council

On Wednesday, our team worked with Chorley Council to assist in a house move for a refugee family. The weather had taken a turn for the worse, making it one of the wettest days of the month! However, our commitment to providing excellent service never changes, as we pride ourselves on working efficiently in any weather conditions. Rain or shine, we get the job done!

To ensure the family’s belongings were fully protected from the rain, we took extra precautions, carefully wrapping and securing each item. Our team worked hard to maintain the safety of their possessions throughout the move.

Despite the challenging weather, the family was absolutely delighted with their new home and expressed their thanks for making the move stress free. Seeing their joy and satisfaction was incredibly rewarding for us. We have a dedication to helping those in need and making a positive impact in our community. Working alongside Chorley Council for this house move was a truly fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

A Trip up North

On Thursday, our team embarked on a long distance move from the village of Croglin, near Penrith, to Preston.

Despite the non stop rain, our crew worked efficiently and swiftly packing the van with expertise to ensure everything fit into one load.

Most of the belongings were destined for storage in the client’s garage, which is always a bonus for us! The team unloaded and carefully stacked the items, allowing the client to utilise the garage space effectively, even with the additional items from the move.

This Preston house move showcased our dedication to handling long-distance moves seamlessly, regardless of the weather conditions.

Another Move into Lever Gardens Court

On Friday, our team was busy with another house move to Lever Gardens Court, a lovely care facility located in Little Lever near Bolton. If you’re from around the Little Lever area, you may have seen one of our vans recently, as we’ve been handling numerous house moves into Lever Gardens Court.

Moving can be stressful at the best of times, and for those in need of care, it can seem overwhelming. Our goal is to provide a stress-free house move experience for all of our customers. We offer comprehensive packing services, as well as full dismantling and reassembling services, allowing you and your loved ones to sit back and relax while we take care of your relocation.

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